The skeleton of the Great White Shark

When you go shark cage diving in Cape Town or Gansbaai, it’s not only an exhilarating experience, but also an educational one. All too often we tend to view these majestic creatures as rows of razor sharp teeth and not much else, when in reality, they are complex animals that are sadly often misperceived.

White shark diving in South Africa is important, predominantly because it assists in conserving the apex predators exposing people to them and correcting the ‘Jaws complex.’ This movie was extremely damaging to the sharks’ reputation, making them out to be ruthless killing machines, when in fact it is not programmed into their nature to recognise humans as prey. The shark attacks that do happen are mostly the result of the sharks’ curiosity – they rarely bite, but when they do it’s generally to identify what you are.

Sharks skeletons are extremely interesting – here are six facts you might not have known: