With the help of exaggerated films and the misconceptions on social media, most people believe that sharks are monsters, obsessed with eating human flesh. If this was the case, there would be a high number of shark attacks each day around the world but the truth is, not all sharks will attack. While sharks are […]

Great white sharks were once again sighted in Gansbaai today, after a spate of attacks by orcas sent them relocating to safer waters for almost a month. ‘Our WSCD research vessel had the pleasure of sighting two great white sharks on Wednesday and three sharks yesterday,’ said Mary Rowlinson, a marine biologist and manager of […]

As apex predators, great white sharks are vital to the health of our oceans. They control the food chain from the top down, feeding on the weakest specimens first and keeping the marine ecosystem in balance. Numbers of great whites around the world are extremely low – an estimated 2000 to 3000 individuals or lower. […]

South Africa’s Great White Shark population could face imminent extinction, say researchers. A five-year study has revealed that only between 353 and 522 Great White Sharks (GWS) are still in existence along the SA coastline – and that the population could be facing extinction if nothing is done to ensure their survival. The study, which […]

Get ready for the experience of a lifetime… View the majestic great white shark in its natural habitat with White Shark Diving Company. Our daily boat tours offer you the opportunity to come up close and personal with one of the most feared and mysterious ocean predators on the planet – the great white shark. […]

Photographic identification In recent years, researchers have stepped up the focus on the identification and tracking of great white sharks in an effort to find out more about these enigmatic ocean predators. To date, there have been three main channels to achieve this – tagging, DNA testing and dorsal fin identification. Dorsal fin identification, in […]

Genetic Research: DNA Sampling Program Genetic techniques are a relatively new way to study great white sharks and are very cost effective. In 2000, a joint Australian/South African programme was started to compare DNA of sharks between the continents, with the aim of establishing whether the same sharks migrate between the two. The Department of […]

White Shark Diving Company (WSDC) is more than just a cage diving company. We are passionately committed to the protection of great white sharks, and actively involved in several conservation and community upliftment initiatives. Along with our support of the Sharksafe Barrier, we pay it forward by being socially responsible in the local community. WSDC […]

The Sharksafe Barrier is an eco-friendly alternative to the shark nets and baited drumlines that prove lethal to a vast and indiscriminate array of marine life. Hundreds of thousands of sharks, dolphins, turtles and other species die after becoming tangled in the strands of nets, or hooked on drum lines. It has been reported that […]

We invite you to the ocean’s weird, ugly and downright horrifying creatures. Some may appear small and somewhat cute, however, don’t let their small physique fool you – most of them deliver powerful and excruciatingly painful bites, or are otherwise just plain ugly. Welcome to nature’s own freak show. (Let’s all appreciate the fact that […]

Sadly, we humans do not treat the animal kingdom with much respect. We pollute the water they live in, we tear down the forests they call home and we poach them for their valuable body parts. The childhood versions of ourselves would not be impressed if they could see how pathetic we have become, endangering […]

When you go shark cage diving in Cape Town or Gansbaai, it’s not only an exhilarating experience, but also an educational one. All too often we tend to view these majestic creatures as rows of razor sharp teeth and not much else, when in reality, they are complex animals that are sadly often misperceived. White […]

Gansbaai is renowned for two things in particular, its outstanding whale watching opportunities and its shark cage diving. The area boasts some of the world’s most spectacular scenery and has been dubbed a small piece of paradise numerous times, due to its rocky cliffs, long stretches of golden beaches and turquoise sea. This is where the famous […]

As we neared Gansbaai I began to feel increasingly nervous – it was my first time Shark Cage Diving and I didn’t know what to expect. I mistakenly watched the movie Jaws when I was younger and have had a secret fear of the immense Great White Shark ever since. This was my attempt to overcome it […]

The White Shark Diving Company is a responsible, eco-friendly tour operator that offers you the unique experience of getting up close and personal with one of the sea’s most fearsome predators – the enormous Great White Shark. Nothing beats the exhilaration of ducking down into the water and seeing the toothy shadow of the majestic […]

The White Shark Diving Company operates in the stunning region of Gansbaai and presents a unique opportunity to really encounter the Great White Shark, a magnificent creature which is often sadly misunderstood. This shark cage diving company employs ethical, eco-friendly business practices and prioritises the well-being of the shark and also attempts to correct some […]

Coming to Cape Town and wondering what to do? The city is full of astounding natural features and exciting activities to entice you and sometimes it can be quite hard to narrow down an itinerary, particularly if you are travelling on a budget or pressed for time. One of the best options for exploring the […]