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Shark Breaching Gaansbaai

Shark Cage Diving Gansbaai

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Shark Cage Diving in Gansbaai

We aim to create exclusivity - by limiting the number of passengers to a maximum of 20, each diver has more dive time and personal experiences with the Great White sharks.
Included Diving equipment including wetsuits and towels
  Services of the experienced crew, and our on board videographer who is fluent in French and English.
  Refreshments on board
  Light pre and post trip meals in a superb venue overlooking the Kleinbaai Harbour slipway
  A completion certificate in your name
Departs Daily, seven days a week


ZAR1350.00 per person
ZAR900.00 per person for children aged 12 years or younger

For an additional charge, door to door return road transport from your hotel or guesthouse in the Cape Town metropole and surrounding areas is available, as well as from designated pickup venues en route to Gansbaai. Alternative road transport arrangements are available on request.

Please enquire for the rates for private charters and group bookings with or without return road transport and/or accommodation.


Shark Cage Diving and Viewing


Divers, who are safe in the cage, listen to the dive master explaining the direction from which the shark is coming. Divers submerse themselves. Literally holding their breath next to the boat in the safety of the cage and await that once in a lifetime eye to eye contact with the Great White sharks.

Passengers can also experience excellent surface viewing of the great white sharks from the boat's upper deck, getting an all-round view of the sharks, circling and descending. It is the ideal spot to capture some fantastic shark pictures or shoot video footage - the water is no more than 9 meters deep.

Great White sharks can smell the chum slick (crushed tuna/skipjack or sardines) from a considerable distance. In addition, our crew pulls decoys or bait lines closer to the cage and boat to lure the magnificent creatures even closer. The shark, being an inquisitive creature, often comes right up to the boat, bringing it's head above the sea level far enough out of the water that you can touch it. The banks of awesome razor edged teeth are but centimetres away - the huge gaping jaws revealing the true danger of the imminent encounter. The most feared predator of all the seas has arrived.


Cage Diving in South Africa


Your excursion to Geyser and Dyer islands begins at Gansbaai’s picturesque Kleinbaai Harbour which is about a two hours scenic drive from Cape Town and about a forty-five minutes drive from Hermanus.

All dive equipment, towels and snacks are stocked, safety equipment is checked and the boat is fuelled prior to the passengers' arrival..

The expected arrival times are usually 7 or 8am and possibly 10h30 or 11:30am, should we have a second trip on the day. The excursion takes approximately 4 - 4½hours, starting normally with a light welcome pre trip meal and the briefing before boarding the boat for the 15-20 minute boat drive to the dive site for about 2½ - 3 hours at sea, shark cage diving and enjoying the close sightings of the Great Whites. While not in the cage, refreshments are enjoyed while on the viewing deck. The excursion ends with post trip refreshments and viewing of the DVD of the day's trip, with an option to buy the DVD at ZAR 350.00 per DVD.

Our clients often do multiple dives in our cage dependent on shark activity and the weather- and sea conditions.


The Great White Shark


The boat normally leaves the harbour at about 8:45am or midday and takes 15 to 20 minutes to reach the channel between Geyser and Dyer islands.After the chumming and baiting the first Great White shark hones in with deadly accuracy - (sharks use their sense of smell......in the water).

The Great White shark makes it's graceful and swift appearance from just below the sea level, leaping out of the water making it's presence felt from nowhere.

A dorsal fin and part of the tail silently slice up through the water, leaving barely a wake. The undisputed lord of the deep has arrived!